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Where customer service really counts

Dedicated Customer Service

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Customer Services

Where Customer Service Really Counts


Courier-Networks prides itself in setting a high standard in Customer Service and believes that the words “customer service” should not be used merely as an expression for sweeping problems under the carpet.  


Consequently we have established customer service as a fundamental element that really counts as an integral part of our business operation.  Our ethos is to ensure that our Customers Come First and we have established as our by-word, “Where Customer Service Really Counts”.


One of our Customer Service team’s prime objectives is to provide our customers before, during and after the transit of goods with information that is pertinent, reliable and helpful. This is done in a manner that is friendly, polite and meets our customers’ expectations.


Most important is the quick resolution of any problems that may arise and to provide customers with a resolution that gives them reassurance as to a successful outcome.


Equally important is for the customer service team to provide information and advice about our products and services in order for the customer to decide on the best or most appropriate way of sending their consignment.


Members of our customer service team are well trained and are empowered to act on customer issues reducing the need for customers to be passed from one person to another. Callbacks will generally be handled by the same customer representative so that the customer is not always dealing with different individuals.


Our policy is for the speedy answering of telephone calls, for prompt callbacks and with the dispensing of automated answering during office hours.  This is all designed to enhance good customer service practice and to ensure that customers get to talk to a real person not a machine and don’t have to push buttons before they get to talk to someone.

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