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Dangerous, Excluded and Restricted Goods

National and international courier networks carry a large and varied number of different items for an equally large and varied collection of different customers. This means that there will be a wide range of different goods all together on the same van, truck, plane etc ranging from Handbags to Paint, from Car Parts to Documents & Printed Products, and from Electronic Goods to Specialist Engineering Parts. 


However, it is not possible for certain types of goods to be carried alongside everyday items; for example, a customer would certainly not be happy if their normal consignment was being transported alongside an environmentally hazardous substance.  Therefore certain types of goods are  categorized under the headings Restricted, Excluded and Dangerous Goods so that their handling does not compromise other customers' items, nor does it compromise the health and safety of those working within the transport industry or other transport users.

The following goods are carried provided Centurion / Courier-Networks is made aware of the contents in advance.


They are not covered by Additional Liability Cover and are transported entirely at the sender's own risk and liability.


So many of the items below can be carried subject to prior notification and agreement:


  • Cheques, Money Orders & other forms of Financial Securities

  • Precious metals & Precious stones

  • Jewellery & Watches

  • Perfume & Aerosols

  • Works of art & Antiques

  • Wines and spirits

  • Glass, Ceramics & Pottery

  • TVs, computers & Plasma screens

  • Paint (non-hazardous)

Centurion Business Services and Courier-Networks do not carry items that are classified as Dangerous goods as defined in the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road Regulations 1996 (as amended, re-enacted or extended from time to time), and any other substance likely to cause or encourage disease, vermin, pests or other hazard.


Such items include (but not exclusively) the following:


  • Explosives

  • Gases

  • Flammable Liquids

  • Oxidising Agents

  • Toxic Substances

  • Infectious Substances

  • Radioactive Materials

  • Corrosives

  • Asbestos

  • Lithium Batteries

  • EnvironmentallyHazardous Substances

The following items are not accepted for carriage in our normal standard manner. 


However, it may be possible to make separate arrangement for some of these subject to circumstances and on seperately agreed terms:


  • Any item that is marked with a diamond shaped hazardous sticker

  • Animals (livestock & dead stock)

  • Money (cash) & Bullion

  • Firearms

  • Ammunition

  • Fireworks

  • Illegal Substances

Restricted Goods
Excluded Goods
Dangerous Goods
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