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Careers & Jobs

As a local parcel service, Courier-Networks is a growing business that is expanding to more and more parts of the UK.  So we are frequently seeking people to join us. 


We seek only those who will fit with our existing organisation and staff.  We do not employ for the sake of employing.  With our business commitment to a "service first" ethos and mentality, we are always interested in talking to those who share our ambition and approach.

local door to door parcel service

We passionately believe that it is the people within our organisation that make all the difference to both our customers and to the future success of our business, a business that works in an arena where prospects have potentially never been greater. 


Training and development exist for all which ensures that everyone has opportunities for advancement within the organisation.

local parcel service driver

Opportunities exist for freelance and franchisee drivers as well as staff drivers.  This is a great opportunity for hard-working and self-motivated freelance and franchisee drivers to reap the rewards of running their own successful delivery business under the Courier-Networks banner.


For more information about the parts of the country where opportunites curently exist, download the information sheet; and for a job download the application form.

local parcel service
Logistic Operatives

Download the information sheet to see what opportunites are available for staff based at any of our local depots. interested in a job? Download the application form.

local parcel service sales

Opportunites exist for sales staff working in the field to sell to potential corporate and business clients.  They are responsible for making their own appointments and for conducting themselves at follow up meetings in a manner that will reflect well upon our organisation. They must demonstarte themselves to be presentable, hard-working and articulate.  Remuneration is largely results based.


For more information download our information sheet and application form.

local parcel service customer service
Customer Services

Download the information sheet to see what opportunites are available for Customer Service representatives as well as admin and other office-based staff.  Interested in a job? Download the application form.

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